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How does a bag affect your back?

18 Aug 2022

Many people are familiar with ergonomics at work, especially in office settings, but rarely consider everyday items we use to carry our "stuff" that may contribute to physical discomfort and injury. Ergonomics affects the design of anything that involves people – workspaces, sports and leisure, health and safety.

Presented below is information about the ergonomics of carrying our smartphones, computers, and other personal items.

People use backpacks for carrying books and other items of all ages, especially those in school. But unfortunately, these bags are wrongly packed and overloaded most of the time. As a result, back pain, slipped discs, neck pain, cervical issues, and shoulder injuries are becoming more common among students and workers. A survey of more than 100 doctors conducted by Charles Alexander, MD, found that almost 60% reported seeing child patients with back and shoulder pain caused by heavy backpacks. Bag manufacturers in India are putting extra effort to design ergonomically suitable bags. Follow the below-mentioned tips to avoid any discomfort given by your backpack/bag:

  • Wear both the shoulder straps to distribute the weight evenly
  • Wear and remove the backpack without excessive twisting.
  • The backpack should be worn over the mid-back muscles. Straps that are too loose cause the backpack to extend below the lower back area. It is not recommended to wear shoulder straps that are too tight or that restrict arm movement.
  • Make sure the backpack's load does not exceed 10-15% of the user's body weight. The bulkier items should be placed closest to the back of the bag. Carry only what you need and organize the contents by carrying only what you need.
  • For longer distances, use a backpack or a bag with wheels.
  • Consider buying a bag that has separate sections or pockets
  • Select a bag made of lightweight material such as vinyl or canvas instead of leather.

There is no doubt that Golden Days are one of the most legendary backpack manufacturers in India. Whenever you shop for a bag from the store, make sure that you take into account the points mentioned above, and your body will surely thank you for it